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Professional Squirrel Removal Services in the Canton, MA Area

Squirrels are almost a guaranteed guest in the backyard, but they can become pests by causing damage to lawns or the home. Squirrels that are classified as pests fall into three main categories: ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels. North East Wildlife Management provides squirrel removal services that can keep these prolific pests out of your house or yard.

Habitats and Nesting Preferences

Squirrels can be found in many places around the world, including large parts of the United States. They mainly live in forested areas that can supply them with seeds, nuts, and herbaceous plants. In Massachusetts, tree squirrels (red squirrels and grey squirrels) nest in tree cavities or on branches and are active during the day, flying squirrels are nocturnal and also make their nests in trees, and ground squirrels (chipmunks and groundhogs) live in underground burrows. If a home or building is near their nest, any type of squirrel may try to find their way in through small holes, using insulation as nesting material.

Understanding the differences in nesting preference helps us identify which type of squirrel has invaded a home or yard. Because they nest in trees, flying squirrels and tree squirrels tend to enter a home through holes in or near the roof, and often nest in the attic. Once in a home, these squirrels chew holes in the attic and trim, gnaw on wires, leave droppings everywhere, and make a lot of noise. Ground squirrels often dig holes in the lawn or garden, or they can make nests under decks and porches, posing a threat to pets.

Squirrel Removal Service

Once you notify us of your squirrel issue, we will send out an experienced team member to perform a thorough inspection of your property. Using the help of our Jack Russell Terrier search dog, Wellington, we will work to locate infestations, potential access points, and problem areas. We will then notify you of your pest control options and provide you with an estimate. With Wellington’s help, we offer humane eviction options and custom exclusion systems to prevent reentry. Because most jobs can be completed the same day as the estimate, you won’t have to wait long for relief.

With more than 10 years of industry experience, our team members here at North East Wildlife Management are well-equipped to serve homeowners throughout Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. If you are in need of our 24-hour animal removal services, call us today at (781) 562-9659 or send us a message online.

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