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Raccoon Removal Services for Residents in the Canton, MA Area

At North East Wildlife Management, we know that intrusive animals like raccoons can cause sleepless nights. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency services, including effective raccoon removal to get rid of your unwanted guests and prevent reentry.

Common Raccoon Complaints

Raccoons are extremely clever, which makes them more of a nuisance than the average pest. They possess a wide range of skills, including the ability to swim, jump, climb, and run. Because they are nocturnal and feed during the night, it’s more difficult for homeowners to spot them. They will often hide in the crawl spaces of homes, animal burrows, rotten logs, and rock crevices. As omnivores, they are open to eating just about anything, whether it’s fallen fruit or Thanksgiving leftovers. They will even eat insects, dead animals, and bird eggs.

Some of the specific complaints reported by homeowners include the following: 

  • Holes throughout the lawn

  • Empty and mangled bird feeders

  • Missing fish from water gardens and ponds

  • Toppled garbage cans

Raccoon Removal Services

Along with being a nuisance, raccoons can also be dangerous. Although it does not happen often, there is a chance they may attack outdoor pets and even humans. Since they are known to carry rabies, a bite or scratch can expose homeowners and their beloved pets to this disease.


With the help of our resident search dog, Wellington, we are equipped to remove these creatures once and for all. Once we are notified of a potential problem, we will come in to perform a thorough inspection and assessment. 

We will then provide pest control options and estimates. Because most removal jobs can be completed on the same day as the estimate, homeowners won’t have to wait long for a resolution.


If you are in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Southern New Hampshire, and you are in need of professional raccoon removal services, North East Wildlife Management can help. Contact us online or give us a call at (781) 562-9659.

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