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Common pests found in and around your home:

some of the common pests/ wildlife you may encounter in And around your residence Includes Rats, mice, chipmunks, flying squirrels, grey squirrels, red squirrels, Raccoons, and sometimes even weasels. Animals will either Get in Up high around your roof, such as Wood trim and Attic Vents. Or they can enter Through gaps and voids around your foundation.


it is very common to encounters some sort of critter getting into your home. Chances are you’ve already had some sort of encounter or someone you know has. weather it’s the common field mouse everybody is familiar with leaving droppings under their kitchen cabinet, or a bat flying around there house in the middle of the night. Believe it or not 90% of homes in New England have little gaps or susceptible areas where critters can enter.

Quality or age of a home doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible. We all know contractors aren’t perfect. Maintenance plays a very big role in keeping animals out of your home. Such as keeping your gutters clear of leaves. Leaves can back up your gutter system and overtime create rotten wood which leads right into your attic. Most times cannot be seen from the ground. We are convinced gray squirrels spend half their time searching for rotten wood around homes.


simple measures can be taken to help ensure you stay animal free. a simple walk around your home a few times of year to inspect any rotten or missing wood. If you clean your gutters check for any rotten wood and they are functioning properly. If you pay somebody you can have them do it. If you have any unfinished parts of the house such as in attic, unfinished eves, crawl spaces, and unfinished parts of the basement. Even checking under your deck or shed to see if something’s borrowing underneath. You don’t want a mother skunk giving birth under your shed which is their favorite place.

By periodically checking with a flashlight in these areas for droppings, insulation falling down, or anything out of the ordinary. Hearing noise in your attic isn’t always a mouse. A variety of animals take up residence. Is simple evaluation from a wildlife specialist is worth the small fee. Doing these simple things a few times a year can catch a problem before it gets out of hand. Doing these simple things can save you a lot of money. Most people don’t realize how much damage animals can do to houses or properties. Not dealt with can result in very costly repairs. A lot more than the cost of dealing with it.


a lot of times it’s too late or it just happens. It usually is never at the opportune time such as you are relatives are on their way over for Christmas dinner and there are 2 bats flying around your home. Luckily there are specialized wildlife companies. Here at Northeast Wildlife Mgt. will quickly respond and identify the animal and where it is getting in. We take the time to understand the situation.

Just finding out you have wild animal in your home isn’t always the most calming times. Our specialists will walk you through what can be done immediately and solutions so this does not happen again. If you or someone you know are going through this, the good news is no matter how bad the situation is, often can be resolved very quickly.

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