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Small Vertibrate Wildlife

North East Wildlife Management offers premier pest control solutions for every season. Our skilled technicians are devoted to providing our customers with high-quality services.

Our Pest Control Services

When pests take residence in or around your home, it can cause stress, fear, property damage, health issues, and unforeseen expenses. Our efficient and effective pest control services can help to keep these unwanted creatures from invading your space. 

Not only will we remove  the culprit, but we will also eliminate all nests and entry points. We will also combat re-entry by installing custom exclusion systems. Along with the initial treatment, we even provide routine follow-up services.

Common Pests Found in and Around Your Home

Some of the common pests that you may encounter in and around your residence include rats, mice, moles, and voles. Most times, rats and mice hide in dark and often unused spaces such as in walls and attics. Because these particular critters are known to reproduce rapidly, it’s imperative that they are removed quickly and efficiently.


Voles, on the other hand, are known to construct ground-level burrows outdoors. Because they tend to feast on a wide range of plants, voles pose a threat to gardens, landscaped gardens, orchards, and agricultural areas.  

Although moles are carnivores that mainly eat earthworms, grubs, and other insects, their tunneling habits are still quite destructive to outdoor spaces.


If you are in need of a reliable pest control service, call North East Wildlife Management today at (781) 562-9659 to obtain your free estimate. Feel free to check out our blog and informational page.

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